Bringing together data on extractives projects

Globally, natural resource projects generate trillions of dollars of revenue every year. Regulations around the world are now improving the access and availability of data on extractive activities and revenues. The Resource Projects initiative collects and processes this information to help people fully realize the benefits of natural endowments in their countries.

Why project data matters

A project is the mine that people work at, or the oil field along their coastline. It has a location, an owner, and it employs people. They represent the physical, tangible presence of extractive operations in a country; and yet, information on their costs and benefits are not readily available. aims to change that by leveraging disclosures mandated by recent regulations to provide data on project and government entity level payments. This data allows governments, citizens and civil society actors to better model resource revenues and forecast budgets. In addition, the website will continue to further enrich payment data with spatial, financial and resource related information that help improve our understanding of the true costs and benefits of a resource project.

Why this website

Information on extractive projects are scattered across different company, government and civil society websites. These sources are available in varying storage formats and tabular structures. This repository collects and cleans these different sources of project data into a single harmonized data format that is easy to download and use. We also collect additional information on extractive sector projects, government agencies and companies that is used in charts and other analytical content throughout this website.

How to get involved?

We are looking for people who can provide feedback, contribute to the site and its content, and explore ways to use mandatory disclosure data. Please get in touch if you are interested: